Visiting Kenya: 3 Must Visit Places in Kenya

The East African nations is one of Africa’s rising stars. Touted both the gateway and capital of East and Central Africa, Kenya has a lot of activities for the adventurous tourist. With a wide variety of terrain and climate zones, Kenya offers you a lot in a small space. Be it the desert areas of the north, the famed game reserves of the south, the snowy peaks of Mt Kenya on the equator, or the sandy beaches of Mombasa, you always have something new and exciting to see. Here are three places that will take your breath away.

While most tourists frequent the popular city of Mombasa, it is Lamu where all the authenticity is. Mombasa’s appeal is lost in the rapid modernization and large crowds that are not characteristic of Lamu. Lamu still has that ancient Swahili feel: luxuriously slow, tastefully sunny, and enjoyably pristine. The beaches are wide and clean, the curious are creatively unique, and the overall experience breath taking. Today, Lamu has very many exclusive luxury accomodations for the lavish tourist: from tented camps in nearby mangrove forests, five-star beach hotels, private villas, to tree houses. The locals are very friendly, and will serve you a feast of Swahili delicacies: a blend of Arabic spice with local Bantu creativity. After you have enjoyed the sun, sand, vibrant night life, and sightseeing of the ancient sights, head a little inland for wildlife. It is surprising how close by all the attractions are!

Maasai Mara
Barely 6 hours away lies one of the world’s finest National Parks: the Maasai Mara. Home to a tasteful selection of wildlife, flora, and fauna, this large park offers unparalleled sights and sounds. Most notably, the world’s 8th wonder happens here every year. Get a front row view of the magnificent Wildebeest Migration as you follow along in an air condition safari car. For even more thrill, stay one of the many tented camps, listening to the sounds of lions, elephants, and the laughing hyenas all through the night. It is perfectly safe! If you prefer, book yourself in at one of the hotels beside a watering hole, and witness the magic every morning and evening as wildlife come to feed.

Aberdare National Park
It is surprising that there is a snow mountain lying right on the equator. Mt. Kenya is a truly unique feature, home to a host of rare animals, as well as home to the mythical god of the local Kikuyu tribe. The stoic mountain hosts the Aberdare ranges, where the Aberdare National Park lies.

Indeed, the beauty of this park has attracted royalty. Queen Elizabeth was on tour here, just before the tragic announcement of her father’s passing. More recently, Prince William and Princess Kate holidayed in the area just before the famed proposal.

It is easy to see why this place is so attractive to royalty. The beautiful, jungle air, lively wildlife scene, along with regal accommodation make this an irresistible holiday destination. Get front row seats to water holes, explore Elephant Hill on foot, and journey through a maze of prime safari routes. Overlook stunning mountain sunsets while enjoying Africa’s most elegant hospitality. Staying at the Treetops Hotel observing a herd of elephants, where Her Majesty once stayed, it is easy to fall in love with the beauty of Central Kenya.

Group Accommodation: The Perfect Option for a Fun Break

Many people these days are travelling in larger groups, foregoing the idea that holidays should be partaken as a small family unit and heading out with large groups of friends, extended family or a mix of both for the annual holiday.

One problem that often faces them is where to stay. Accommodation for groups of 2 to 6 are all over the place, but finding somewhere that houses 10 or more can be a challenge, particularly finding somewhere that suits your tastes. There's the obvious choice of hotels and staying in multiple rooms, but this foregoes the whole idea of going away as a group, being able to sit together through the evening and enjoy each other's company.

The solution to this is finding group accommodation which can house more than 20 people, and fortunately these sorts of places are popping up like wildfire through the UK. Whether they are town houses in major cities or beautiful converted barns in rural areas, these properties really do take your breath away, and are the perfect place for a party with your close friends and family.

House Parties is one website which lists group accommodation options, and it includes some incredible properties through the UK. With places that can host up to 24 people, you really can get the whole family down and have a great weekend. They come with all the luxury trimmings too, from swimming pools and hot tubs to Sky TV and built in bars.

So if you're planning on travelling in the UK any time soon and want to take family and friends along for the ride, check out some of these places as they will knock your socks off.

The Majesty of Mahabaleshwar: A Photo Diary

Mahabaleshwar is a small hilltop town in Maharashtra. It is a beautiful spot which is hidden away and perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of life in India's major cities.

It is often referred to as the queen of the hill stations, and with good reason. Offering panoramic views across Maharashtra's plains and peaks, it has an ambiance all of its own and mind blowing landscapes to match.

Despite it being hidden in the hills there are plenty of hotels in Mahabaleshwar to choose from at various budget levels, so you can relax in comfort when returning from a day hiking and soaking up the breathtaking surroundings.

Mahabaleshwar truly is a place best experienced to which words cannot do justice. From here we will let the pictures do the talking to give you a taste of what to expect when you poke your head above the clouds into the queen of the hill stations:

Explore the Delights of Africa

Diverse cultures, traditional artifacts  eye-catching sceneries and exquisite wildlife are just some of the delightful aspects of Africa. A holiday exploring Africa is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and be enticed by the beauty and diversity.

Northern African Delights - Morocco and Egypt

Due to various historical legacies, the northern part of Africa is laced with Arabic, French and Spanish influences. This is evidenced in the architecture, food and culture. In Morocco, you can experience beautiful beaches, tasty foods and curries as well as beautifully built mosques. Not to mention, the capital city, with its ancient walls around the city has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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While still in the north, a traveller in the area can not miss the opportunity to see the phenomenal Pyramids in Egypt, one of the 7 wonders of the world. The history and architect surrounding these pyramids is incredible and millions flock to see they yearly.

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East Africa – Kenya, Tanzania

Kenya lies on the east side of Africa and is one of the world’s great travel destinations. There is a diversity of attractions from tropical beaches and equatorial forests to snow capped mountains. The breath taking beauty is a great place for hiking, going on a safari or just enjoying the culture and food.

Right net door is Tanzania, home to Mt Kilimanjaro and whether you are there on a hiking expedition or just enjoying the surrounding nature and wildlife, the scenery is incredible.

West Africa

West Africa is the most heavily populated area on the continent. Travelling to this area is not easy and travelling once there can also be challenging. This is what makes this trip so rewarding. Some of the most incredible beaches in the world can be found here. They are also largely underdeveloped meaning you get the opportunity to experience them the way nature intended. Many of these can be fond in Cape Verde islands.

Southern Africa

If it’s wildlife you are looking for then a safari in southern Africa is a great place to start. Here you set out to find the big 5 African animals in their natural habitat in Botswana and South Africa. You can choose self drives or find an experienced tour guide to help you.

South Africa is also home to many diverse ethnic groups, making an experience there very rewarding. At the tip of Africa in the city of Cape Town you will find incredible views and unique fauna. Additionally, you can also drive along the Namibian cost where the incredible beaches as well as desert dunes are a sight to see.

Africa is steeped in history dating back to prehistoric man. It is also affected by the history of colonial times and the road many countries are coming back from. The continent has incredible natural resources and wildlife. A holiday in Africa is an experience everyone should have. You will gain knowledge, insights and find yourself in extraordinary places. 

3 Great Activities for a Spanish Holiday

If you are looking for a place to get some much needed rest and relaxation in beautiful surroundings, then a Spanish holiday is right up your alley. With incredible views, delicious food and fabulous weather, you are bound to have a great laid back time all year round. There are many great activities to discover and participate in on your Spanish holiday, many of which are suitable for the whole family.


As Europe’s leading golf destination, it’s no wonder than more and more people include golfing in their holiday itinerary, or in some cases the purpose of the holiday. There are hundreds of golf courses that offer great fairways, with incredible views and water features. Not only does this look great, it offers interesting and challenges for the golfer.

The laid back environment provides visitors with a calm and cultural experience. After a day at the course, you enjoy the scenery and tasty Mediterranean foods at a variety of great establishments. In addition, the courses themselves vary in difficulty and length, meaning even the novice amateur can enjoy this experience.

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Family Fun at the beach

The Spanish coast line is over 5000 miles long with amazing beaches to enjoy along the way. This makes it an ideal destination when you are travelling with your family. There are plenty of activities to enjoy with the kids on the beach, from sun bathing to building sand castles and playing Frisbee. Choosing quieter beaches will also give you the chance to enjoy the day without too much stress.

Family friendly beaches allow you to expand the range of activities you can participate in on the beach. For example, you could include some fun water activities like enjoying water skiing, swimming or scuba diving. To end your family fun day at the beach, there are many boat charters offering the opportunity to view incredible sunset on the ocean.

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Trekking in the mountains

If you are more into outdoor activities then the diverse landscape that Spain offers is a great idea. The climate is well suited for hikes of varying degrees of difficulty all year round. You can choose to walk a short or long distance, as well as choose between steep and flatter walks. So, your fitness level doesn’t need to be fabulous because there is so much choice for you and your family.

This is also a great way to tour parts of this beautiful country in a different way. You can also combine trekking in the mountains with discovering cultural and historical elements of the country. A walking tour could include seeing castles, medieval bridges or ancient architecture along the way. Alternatively, you could choose a more nature based route that sees you travelling along winding rivers, valleys and the incredible Mediterranean coast, beaches and lagoons.

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Spanish holidays are fantastic for the whole family or a romantic getaway for you and your partner. You will most certainly leave feeling calm and rejuvenated with a wealth of incredible memories.