Visiting Kenya: 3 Must Visit Places in Kenya

The East African nations is one of Africa’s rising stars. Touted both the gateway and capital of East and Central Africa, Kenya has a lot of activities for the adventurous tourist. With a wide variety of terrain and climate zones, Kenya offers you a lot in a small space. Be it the desert areas of the north, the famed game reserves of the south, the snowy peaks of Mt Kenya on the equator, or the sandy beaches of Mombasa, you always have something new and exciting to see. Here are three places that will take your breath away.

While most tourists frequent the popular city of Mombasa, it is Lamu where all the authenticity is. Mombasa’s appeal is lost in the rapid modernization and large crowds that are not characteristic of Lamu. Lamu still has that ancient Swahili feel: luxuriously slow, tastefully sunny, and enjoyably pristine. The beaches are wide and clean, the curious are creatively unique, and the overall experience breath taking. Today, Lamu has very many exclusive luxury accomodations for the lavish tourist: from tented camps in nearby mangrove forests, five-star beach hotels, private villas, to tree houses. The locals are very friendly, and will serve you a feast of Swahili delicacies: a blend of Arabic spice with local Bantu creativity. After you have enjoyed the sun, sand, vibrant night life, and sightseeing of the ancient sights, head a little inland for wildlife. It is surprising how close by all the attractions are!

Maasai Mara
Barely 6 hours away lies one of the world’s finest National Parks: the Maasai Mara. Home to a tasteful selection of wildlife, flora, and fauna, this large park offers unparalleled sights and sounds. Most notably, the world’s 8th wonder happens here every year. Get a front row view of the magnificent Wildebeest Migration as you follow along in an air condition safari car. For even more thrill, stay one of the many tented camps, listening to the sounds of lions, elephants, and the laughing hyenas all through the night. It is perfectly safe! If you prefer, book yourself in at one of the hotels beside a watering hole, and witness the magic every morning and evening as wildlife come to feed.

Aberdare National Park
It is surprising that there is a snow mountain lying right on the equator. Mt. Kenya is a truly unique feature, home to a host of rare animals, as well as home to the mythical god of the local Kikuyu tribe. The stoic mountain hosts the Aberdare ranges, where the Aberdare National Park lies.

Indeed, the beauty of this park has attracted royalty. Queen Elizabeth was on tour here, just before the tragic announcement of her father’s passing. More recently, Prince William and Princess Kate holidayed in the area just before the famed proposal.

It is easy to see why this place is so attractive to royalty. The beautiful, jungle air, lively wildlife scene, along with regal accommodation make this an irresistible holiday destination. Get front row seats to water holes, explore Elephant Hill on foot, and journey through a maze of prime safari routes. Overlook stunning mountain sunsets while enjoying Africa’s most elegant hospitality. Staying at the Treetops Hotel observing a herd of elephants, where Her Majesty once stayed, it is easy to fall in love with the beauty of Central Kenya.

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