Group Accommodation: The Perfect Option for a Fun Break

Many people these days are travelling in larger groups, foregoing the idea that holidays should be partaken as a small family unit and heading out with large groups of friends, extended family or a mix of both for the annual holiday.

One problem that often faces them is where to stay. Accommodation for groups of 2 to 6 are all over the place, but finding somewhere that houses 10 or more can be a challenge, particularly finding somewhere that suits your tastes. There's the obvious choice of hotels and staying in multiple rooms, but this foregoes the whole idea of going away as a group, being able to sit together through the evening and enjoy each other's company.

The solution to this is finding group accommodation which can house more than 20 people, and fortunately these sorts of places are popping up like wildfire through the UK. Whether they are town houses in major cities or beautiful converted barns in rural areas, these properties really do take your breath away, and are the perfect place for a party with your close friends and family.

House Parties is one website which lists group accommodation options, and it includes some incredible properties through the UK. With places that can host up to 24 people, you really can get the whole family down and have a great weekend. They come with all the luxury trimmings too, from swimming pools and hot tubs to Sky TV and built in bars.

So if you're planning on travelling in the UK any time soon and want to take family and friends along for the ride, check out some of these places as they will knock your socks off.

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